DazzoPhoto's Top View Counts For 2016 on Google Maps

With over a billion searches a month taking place on Google Maps, it's a no brainer that your Google My Business listing found on Google Maps should be well represented with professional and engaging content. The shear amount of traffic that is being driven to your Google My Business listing be Goliath monumental in comparison to your website traffic. For this reason, I always tell business owners to give as much love and attention to their Google listing as they would their website. 

For the year of 2016, Google made it possible for Google Local Guide contributors like myself to track the view count of all the still images we upload to Google My Business listings. And I came up with some interesting findings.

For the year of 2016, DazzoPhoto uploaded 880 interior/exterior still photos of businesses. Those 880 still images received 1,757,225 views on Google Maps alone. Simple math tells us that on average, each image receieved just shy of 2,000 views/image. And when you consider that many of those still images were uploaded towards the end of year, it's reasonable to say the average view count would be much higher.

To see if I was right, I decided to look closer at the still images we uploaded exactly a year ago in January 2016. During this month we uploaded 103 still photos of businesses to Google Maps. The 103 still photos from Jan. 2016 have received a combined total of 397,368 views. That means our still photos from Jan. 2016 have received an average of 3,857 views per image over the course of a year

Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Perhaps. But here at  DazzoPhoto, a single picture is attracting 3,857 views a year on Google Maps alone. 

Below are just a few of our higher yielding view count imagery from 2016: