DazzoPhoto focuses on helping businesses and individuals with their online marketing and visual content. With over 15 years experience in online marketingcommercial architectural photography, real estate photography, portraiture photography, events photography, product photography, videography, DazzoPhotol is highly adept and experienced with providing customers engaging content for their online needs.

As a certified and Top Performing Google Trusted Photographer, DazzoPhoto creates stunning, Google embedded 360 virtual tours and still photographs for businesses that allow customers to “see inside” and explore on their own.

We recently hired Jason Randazzo to help with our web presence, specifically from a photography point of view, by adding Google Street View “See Inside”. Jason creates high quality images that essentially do Google Street View from within the facilities. The work that we have done with Jason has basically given us the top right quadrant of page 1 on Google which is invaluable web real estate.
I have been amazed not only at the quality of Jason’s photography but also at the organic SEO benefits we have received in a very short period of time. We had Jason do still images at our 6 brick and mortar facilities and our SEO value has been fast and furious. I believe that we have the top right quadrant on page 1 of a Google search for 5 of the 6 locations thus far and the majority of these facilities do not even have have websites...yet Our facilities looks better on Google than they do in person and we only have 2 live websites for 3 of our 6 facilities.
Jason is extremely professional, can typically schedule a shoot (9:00AM - Noon in our case) on 48-72 hours notice, and has the images up within a week. I am a satisfied enough client that I would hire him for 26 locations instead of 6, if we had 26.
— Andrew Hawkins